Tours Ditsöwö ú


  • Day Tour (4 hours)

  • Transfer from the Ditsöwö ú project in the community of Bambu, to the canoe port in Suretka, where the Telire river is crossed by canoe and then travel about 20 minutes to the community of Amubri on the outskirts of which the construction is located.

  • You will join an introduction about the Bribri culture and its ancestral traditions, you will have the experience of being with indigenous people, and by the hand of an awá you will be told about culture, tradition and stories of the creation of the universe.

  • Visit to the magic conical house, place of work of the spiritual leader of the community.

  • They will have the opportunity to grind in indigenous sacred stones, in which they make many products, such as coffee, corn flour and cocoa among others.

  • You will enjoy a typical Bribri snack, with chocolate and breads made with firewood.

  • Return to the lodging at the end.

      $45 / ₡26,000 Per Person  

Organic cocoa farm tour 

  • Day Tour (3 hours)

  • Boat ride to the organic cacao farm (border with Panama).

  • A walk through the cocoa farm and through the jungle to learn about the construction materials of indigenous houses such as Suita , Chonta and others. With beautiful views and landscapes.

  • In addition, walking through the farm you will discover the typical vegetation of the area, trees, wild plants and those intervened by man. 

  • After the walk you will be introduced to the traditional way of preparing chocolate. The visitor will be able to participate in the preparation of this indigenous product.

  • Chocolate will be distributed with the visitors.

​      $40 / ₡23,200 Per Person 




Alto Katsi TOUR

  • Day Tour (4 hours)

  •  Transfer from the Ditsöwö ú resort to the Alto Katsi Community, round trip (crossing the Telire river with a traditional canoe, on the other side of the river a vehicle will be waiting for you to take you to the Alto Katsi community)..

  • You will do some visits to organic farms.

  • Lunch is shared with Bribris indigenous families.

  • This community has a natural attraction that is the Katsi River, a unique environment where people have the opportunity to enjoy its waters, you can swim next to the forests of the Talamanca mountain range.

  • Return to the lodging at the end.

     $50/ ₡29,000 Per Person 

Yorkin Tour


  • Day Tour (4 hours)

  • Trip in canoe on the Telire river and Sixaola in canoe.

  • Visit to the border of Costa Rica and Panama where you will see the divisory monument that was placed in 1944 with the Arias-Calderón treaty. To get to this place you have to go by canoe along the Telire River, when you get to where the transport leaves you, you can see the union of the Yorkin River with the Telire, which becomes the Sixaola River. 

  • A snack will be shared with the family that takes care of this property of the divisive monument.

  • Return to the lodge.

      $45 / ₡23,000 Per Person 


Organic Banana Farm Tour

  • Day Tour (3 hours)

  • Canoe trip over the Telire River to some mountains that belong to the Talamanca mountain range.

  • Walk along a magical trail to the farm, where the organic treatment of plantains, bananas, other plants and fruit trees is explained.

  • A snack will be shared with the family who owns the farm.

  • Tour highly recommended, with wonderful views of the river and the Talamanca mountain range, if you want to know the star product of the area from first hand farmers who grow it.

  • Return to the lodge. 

     $38 / ₡20,000 Per Person 

Waterfalls Tour

  • Canoe trip along the Telire River and Yorkin over the Panama Border (45 minutes to 1 hour), departing from Bamboo.

  • Refreshments.

  • Twenty-minute walk from where you disembark to the falls, accompanied by a guide.

  • Not only can you swim in the fresh waters of the waterfall, the mere fact of sitting around it forces you to appreciate the environment and disconnect from everything else. 

  • During the tour you can observe animals and plants (including frogs, butterflies, birds and wild flowers). (3 hours and 30 minutes long). 

  • To visit the waterfalls is a gift for the soul and the body, it's like traveling to another world in total contact with nature, its sounds and sensations.

        $55 / ₡35,000  Per Person 

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Waterfall Brib
Waterfall Bribri
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