Bribris rituals

The objective of this Project was started eight years ago by Ditsöwö Ú-LODGE through Danilo Layan. The objective is to seek the union of two peoples that are the Bribris and the Cabecares, by reactivating an almost extinct tradition, such as the Jala de la Piedra (carrying of a stone) "Ák Kuè" in Bribri language.

The Ák Kuè consists of moving a stone from the interior of the mountain to some specific place in the community, normally the transfers are made from native Bribris farms to the destination to which the ceremony is dedicated in that year. The clan of the families up to where the stone arrives, will say that the stone has diverse representations, one represents the metaphor of 'Pa Blu', historical personage Bribri and at the same time, it would serve as instrument to grind its grains like the coffee, the corn or cocoa.

From the vision of Justo Abelino Torres Layan, bikakla and Awá (spiritual leader in charge of guiding the ceremony through sacred songs) of the Bribri indigenous community of Talamanca, the ceremony represents celebrating Pablo Presbere's struggle and the struggle to preserve culture. It is a tradition with a deep spiritual sense that teaches that teamwork works, both here and in our private lives.

¡Míshka! ¡Míshka!

"Ák Kuè"

The Ák Kuè is an event where the Bribri - Cabécar community remembers when they were nomads and carried the stone (kewa kuwe) where corn and cocoa are ground. This was the working tool they inherited from their God, Sibö, which also helps to unite the community.

"We are not responsible for emotions, but we are responsible for what we do with them"

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