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Danilo layan



In the centre of Bambú Talamanca there is the tourist and cultural centre "Ditsöwö Ú". This word in the Bribri language does not have a simple translation, but literally means "maize house", the sacred food of indigin Bribri, which with its different colors represents the different cultures and communities. Danilo Layan's dream was to create a cultural meeting place that welcomes people from all over the world, strengthens indigenous traditions, supports local communities and provides us with a form of sustainable tourism that respects the environment. Ditsöwö Ú brings all this together and offers you an authentic and unforgettable experience in a quiet environment.

When you enter this magical space, a series of fences traditionally built with natural materials will lead you to the positive energy and tranquility that forces you to escape from everyday life. There are no closed rooms with air conditioning, but Ditsöwö Ú offers you a better luxury. The place connects with the nature around it and thanks to its open structure you can enjoy all its facets and treasures. In the morning you will be awakened by a ray of sunshine and the beautiful song of the birds. The cook and a very close staff greet you with a smile and a breakfast prepared on a wood fire awaits you, giving the food a unique taste. A Yigüirro stops by the banana crowd in the house and the iguanas sunbathe on the Pejibaye palm. On a hot day, Suita's roof, palm straw, keeps the room cool. On a rainy afternoon, it offers you a sanctuary and viewpoint over the Telire River and its green surroundings. At night you lie in an open air bed, under the safety of its mosquito net you can still hear the concert of crickets and toads.

This aura of peace and freedom is transmitted to the Talamanqueños, who are very proud of their roots and invite you to know a very different way of life and being. They share their knowledge of the Bribri culture and offer you friendship. You feel more than welcome and at home. Ditsöwö Ú is a school of life, a great exchange of ideas that serves as a refuge for people who love humanity and have a deep affection for indigenous peoples and the environment. It is a good example that there is a better world based on the principles of respect, love, charity and peace. It is a priceless experience.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Talamanca, fall in love with his people and landscapes, Ditsöwö Ú is waiting for you.


Do not hesitate to visit us. 250 m west of the bus stop in Bratsi (Bambú) - Talamanca, Limón. Discover for yourself why we are the right choice, different, courageous and spiritual.