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Bribri Indigenous Lodging

The indigenous area of Talamanca is a territory occupied by nature and spirituality, a sector where ancestral and historical cultures of America meet. It hides the incredible mysteries of ancient knowledge in indigenous medicine.

The indigenous project Ditsöwö ú - Lodge (Casa Encuentro de Culturas) offers tours with local indigenous guides. Visit the best attractions of the Bribri territory with accommodation, food and tours. These are the experiences you will remember forever and want to repeat over and over again.

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Adventure in the Bribri territory

Beside an indigenous Bribri guide

The Bribri community will take you to discover their daily life. You can explore their land, visit the spiritual places and swim in the nearby river. During a walk through the surrounding nature, your native guide will help you recognize and use local medicinal herbs. With the view of cocoa farming offered by the locals, you will learn amazing information about the function and history of these precious beans. All the activities have been designed to allow you an authentic immersion within the Bribri indigenous community.

Bribri life

The discovery of Costa Rica and the Bribri indigenous community is made in three dimensions: the human, the natural and the spiritual, which is never far away. A way of life that translates into a national motto: Pura Vida!


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