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The indigenous zone of Talamanca is an occupied territory of nature and spirituality, a sector where historical pre-Columbian cultures meet. A cultural and natural place that hides the incredible mysteries of an Ancestral knowledge.

The Indigenous project Ditsöwö ú - Lodge (House of Encounter of Cultures) offers tours, with local indigenous guides. Visit the best attractions of the Bribri territory, with accommodation and tours. These are the experiences you want to remember forever and repeat them.

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Rest in a cozy way in a lodge built in a traditional indigenous way, where the rustic wood and Suita palm will fascinate you.


The establishment offers food services with traditional dishes of the region, organic food prepared with firewood.


Transfer from the airport. Connection and guide to the different communities through the roads and the beautiful rivers of Talamanca, by car, by canoe or walking with the guide.

You can connect to WiFi Internet in the common areas. Free of charge.

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250 metres from the Bratsi bus stop (Bambú-Talamanca)

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